Tura Mühendislik

Quality Management

Our Quality Policy

  • To maintain customer satisfaction continuously.
  • To ensure that total quality principles of the company are known and applied by all of our employees.
  • To employ the right people who will provide us the chance to achieve our human resources policy, which depends on continuous development and investment for the people. To maintain a cooperation with the employees based on confidence.
  • To make failure analysis in order to get rid of all the errors.
  • To decrease our costs, to increase our efficiency, to improve our performance which results with the raise of our capital and to maintain our company to be ahead of our competitors.
  • To accept & apply the quality system as a responsibility to the customer instead of being an obligation.
  • To enhance the process & product reliability continuously and to optimize the quality costs.
  • To make the shipments on time with the required quantity.
  • To establish long term relationship with our suppliers.
  • To maintain a new way of thinking for industrial processes based on optimum quality under the supervision of customer expectatio
Tura Mühendislik